14 Top & Best Free Movie Streaming Apps Download for Android/iOS in 2017

Free Movie Streaming Apps : Movies are the most important part of the entertainment. Nowadays Cinema Industry releasing hundreds of  movies a month, so it’s impossible for anyone to watch each every cinema in theatres due to time and money constraints. In these days mobile phones become an integral part the of the daily life of everybody. Most of the people nowadays using Mobile Phone as the entertainment tool, especially for watching movies. For this purpose, our team did a great research work and come up with top & best free movie streaming apps for Android and iOS (iPhone / iPad) devices to watch full-length movies online.

As there is a trend for Movie Streaming Apps, several apps came into the market under this category. Most of them are Fraud and designed for stealing personal information in our mobile phones. Many free movie apps asking registration to watch online movies, as they want to send some spam information to our emails. Some apps asking money and most of them are not reliable and trusted apps. To overcome all above-mentioned defects regarding free movie streaming apps, our tech enthusiastic team did deep research for several days and come up with best & top free movie streaming apps for iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Android platforms. The applications we are mentioning here also enable you to download any movie and TV Show so that you don’t have to search for the seperate apps for downloading. So, You can call these apps as movie downloader apps for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Free Movie streaming apps in the list that we mentioned below lets the users watch Free movies, TV shows and TV series without registration or sign ups. These apps don’t link to third parties so that they can’t steal our personal information in our mobiles and these apps are very high reliable and highly trusted apps. You can also watch movies without apps with the help of Free Movie Websites but some old technology and high reliable websites won’t support mobile platforms. So I strongly recommend you to use free movie apps watch movies if you have the smartphone. Let’s check out free movies streaming apps one by one.

Top & Best Free Movie Streaming Apps Download for Android/iOS:

These free movie apps for Android and iOS are really very helpful for movie lovers. These apps not only offer movies but also offers TV shows for free. I have been using these apps from last six years. If you are unable to get any app, try other apps. Procedure to get all apps are given in each link. Go through those links to get all the applications.

1.Cinema Box:

Cinema box a very recently released free movie streaming apps to watch full-length movies, TV shows and TV series without any registration. Though this app has released recently, it got millions of users across the globe due to its good user’s interface and the vast variety of features. This movie apps originally released under the name Playbox but after rectifying some technical issues this app got released under the name cinema box. This app is very popular for it’s latest updated stuff at high quality. Cinema Box even allow you to download movie and TV Shows at desired quality. So, this app is called the best movie downloader app. cinema box is available for all platforms, you can check cinema box for ios & cinema box app for Android & PC.

2.Bobby HD Movie Box:

Bobby HD app is a very popular free movie streaming apps in the northern countries like Canada, England. This app developed a year ago and having 50000+ users across the globe as per Wikipedia. “Bobby HD currently available only for Ios devices only, Android version of it could be released later I  this year” as told by this app developers. This app offers high-quality movies, TV shows and TV series at free of cost. This free movies App admins frequently update the content. This app is formally known as Bobby Movie Box. The name for Android is now same but for iOS devices, its renamed as Bobby HD app.

Install Bobby HD movie app on your iOS device and watch all movies for free.

3.Newest Movies HD:

Newest Movies HD is another perfect app to stream and download movies. This app consists of 50000+ titles under different categories. This provides high-quality content with filters like most watched,high rated etc. This app offers very good user interface and perfect for those who loves to watch anime and cartoon movies. Newest Movies HD is very recently released and steadily growing app. The big disadvantage of this is, It inherently came with some software related and compatibility issues. This is one of the best movie apps available for Android mobiles and tablets only. As there is also a download facility, This movie application is also called as the best movie download app for Android.

To install This app on your android phone, Get Newest Movies HD APK and install it.

4.Megabox HD:

Megabox HD is a top movie streaming app developed in the year 2014, famous for its new updated content. Megabox HD allows users to stream and download movies for free. This app is available for only Android mobiles and tablets only. Megabox HD currently has 60000+ title of the different genre. Commercial ads and some pops during watching may be a disadvantage of this free movie app. This app has currently 500000+ users across the world, I am sure this number will be increased very soon. This movie streaming application also allows you to download movies. So, it in turn called as the best movie downloader app for Android.

If you want instruction on how to install Megabox HD App Go through the link and follow the steps.\

5. Movie Box:

Movie box is one the best free movie streaming apps which lets the users watch movies, TV shows and TV series for free without any registration. This app allows downloading of content with different resolutions along with streaming. This app provides high-quality content with regular updates. All content is arranged in genre wise to make interface more user-friendly. This app growing slowly currently having 100000+ users across the world. This free movie app is available for both iOS and Android. Movie Box allow you to download any movie or TV Show for free. This can a best movie download app for iOS (iPhone./iPad) and Android. You can try Movie HD lite app as well which is a new application.


ShowBox is Free movie streaming apps using the highest population in the world. This app is very popular because of its regular updated, fresh and latest content. The easy interface and downloading of favorite content at different resolutions making Showbox more popular. The major disadvantage of using this app is, you may face different problems with this app either during installation or during functioning. Another problem is, This app has platform compatibility issues with older versions of OS though this is one of the most popular movie apps known so far. You can also download ShowBox on your Smart TV. Show Box is also excellent movie downloader app for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android.


Popcorn time is another excellent movie streaming and downloading the app which allows users to stream and download movies at free of cost. Popcorn time recently celebrated it’s one year anniversary and growing like anything. The services for this app stopped for a few days recently, it’s now come back with the new version of apps for all platforms. This app providing both free and premium services. you can download popcorn times for PC, Android & iOS. This free movie apps has very good user interface and high-quality videos. PopCorn times is also best movie downloader app allow you to download any movie for free. Rightnow Poptimes app is only available for Android devices. iOS users need to wait some more time to get this application.


Crackle, a free movie streaming apps developed in the year 2001, offers the huge variety of movies, TV shows, and TV series. This app requires registration to watch content but it is highly secured. They won’t share registered data with any third party. This app is most popular in North American countries because most of the content related to these countries only. Crackle is very popular for its great library movies of old and newest titles. This app updates the content slowly compared to free movies apps mentioned above like cinema box app and Showbox. If you are an anime freak you can also download anime apps for Android/iOS devices.

9.TubiTv :

TubiTv, an android and ios app developed for stream and download movies for free. This app is not very popular but my team still find this a best free movie streaming apps because of its variety of features. This app offers good interface, high-quality videos and frequent update of content. Content is systematically arranged according to the different genre. I suggest this free movie apps for those people who loves to enjoy TV series as this app includes all TV series titles. You can also download them and enjoy. This app is available for both Android and Ios.


Viewster is another very popular Free movie streaming apps specially developed for movies and TV show lovers. This app has a major portion of users fro Europe. If you are anime lover, for sure this app will definitely. If you are anime lover, Viewster is the right place to watch anime, as it contains 20000+ anime titles. Viewster will continuously add new content instead of movies. Viewster offers high-quality videos for free without any registration. For people who loves to watch documentaries, its perfect place.


Free movies is the best movies app in the category of free movie streaming apps . This free movie streaming apps consists of very popular titles but in very less number, but still this could be the best app in the field of entertainment. This app has a very good interface and high-quality content. Though this offers less title but still it’s popular because of its content. This app also offers the downloading feature which enhances its popularity. This app doesn’t require signups to watch movies.


ViVastart is recent free movie streaming apps to watch all latest movies and TV Shows for free. It’s got huge popularity in recent days after changing name from Bobby movie box to ViVastart. This free movie streaming apps helps you to watch all latest Hollywood and bollywood movies for free.This application is only available for iOS platform. You can easily install ViVastart for iOS if you follow these guidelines clearly. VivaStart is actually is another app developed by Bobby HD app developers. Now this app is completely closed.


AeroTV is an excellent application watch live US & UK TV channels directly from your iPhone/iPad devices. AeroTV bets version was released a week ago. It is simply superb. The quality of video and user interface are added advantages for this application. Aero-TV is not a movie app but fits for those who are looking for best live TV channels. This application not available for Android devices currently. Aero TV offering all channels from US and western countries for free.

Download AeroTV for iOS

14. Cine Box:

Cine Box is on of the best free movie streaming apps released very recently. It’s been very popular for its regular updates and very good user interface. This app not also available on the app store. But still, you can download Cine Box on Android devices from reliable sources.

15. PB Online:

PB online is an another best free movie streaming apps available on the market. It was formerly known a iOS version of Cinema Box and later its turn out to CB online. Now its name is PB Online. In early stages, it was available on app store. Now it’s no longer available on app store. In this case, You can have a complete guide on how to download PB Online iOS app on iPhone/iPad.

16. Cafe Movie:

Cafe movie is one of popular free movie streaming apps available in the market. You can get all latest movies for free on this Android app. This app not available in the market. You just need to get cafe movie beta apk to install this app on your Android devices.

17: OneBox HD:

OneBox HD is another excellent free movie app available for only Android devices. This app is also allow you to download movie or TV Shows for free. All the movie or TV Shows are regularly updated. For more information regarding this app, visit this page.

Though there are thousands of free movie apps available in the market but all above mentioned free movie streaming apps for android and ios are preferred to overcome security problems and improve reliability. This list of Top & Best movie streaming apps will be updated regularly. keep visiting for more updates.

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