5 Fictional Characters Who Definitely Need a TarDisk

1. Buddy the Elf:

I want you to think of every adorable and/or hilarious cat photo you saw in the past year. Can you describe them all? Well, if I know Buddy, he could enthusiastically describe to you EVERY adorable cat photo he has ever seen because he saved each one to his Macbook hard drive. But all those cat pics take up a lot of space. If you’re like Buddy and can’t say no to keeping that cute (or ugly) kitten in your personal storage forever and always, then you might need a TarDisk too.

Being a successful serial killer these days demands exceptional organizational skills. This is probably why Dexter relies on a Macbook for keeping all of his personal data on the bad guys he wants to turn into chum. Keeping this info on hand is a necessity because you just never know when the dots might start connecting in a case. When you get as good as Dexter, extended hard drive space is a must for documenting all of your clientele.

3. Iron Man:

 Tony Stark (Iron Man) is so smart, he probably would have invented TarDisk if he were a real person. Either way, it’s safe to assume the guy needs every figurative inch of hard drive space he can get. His total number of inventions ballpark around 100 in total, including a memory extracting device, a hover tank, and the jet-powered roller skates. I am not an expert in hover tank building (although I do boast of some experience in jet-powered roller skating), but I figure projects like this are going to require a heavy load of files for schematics and badass GoPro footage. He definitely has a TarDisk.

 4. Wall-E:

Wall-E’s organizational skills are unmatched. Think your New York City apartment is efficiently set up? Well, you’ve got nothing on Wall-E. Imagine scavenging a city of garbage for several generations and saving all items of value neatly in your apartment and you might be on Wall-E’s level. And, honestly, Wall-E would probably never need to back up his inventory on his Macbook because he kind of is a Macbook robot (flash storage capacity unknown). But let’s face it – he won’t be around forever and his kids and grandkid are going to want to know where to find the collection of Zippo lighters, along with everything else.

5. Dora the Explorer:

Can you imagine the epic photo albums you would have if you did as much exploring as Dora the Explorer? And if Dora’s grandmother is anything like mine, she’ll demand to see all of those photos as soon as she’s back in town after an adventure. Thanks to TarDisk, Dora doesn’t have to explore with external hard drives. Dora’s ability to find that classic photo of Swiper trying to swipe something for grandma, Instagram Throwback Thursday, or her own viewing pleasure, is all on her flash storage within easy reach.

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