Download Aero Tv iOS App For iPhone/iPad | Install Aero Live TV Without Jail Breaking

The idiot box has become an inseparable part of life for most of the people present on this planet in the last few decades. As MATT LE BLANC aka Joey from FRIENDS series rightly said, ‘If there is no T.V. in your home, then where is your furniture pointed at?’  Last few years have witnessed a change in the way a T.V. is watched as it has been with every classic gadget in our life because technology improves and changes everything. AERO TV APP is one such marvel!

Watching live T.V. on mobile devices has become a sort of need of the hour as not many of us have the convenience of staying home to indulge in hours of T.V. watching. Mobile apps like Aero live TV app have emerged as a saviour for many as they enable us to watch T.V on the go thus promising anytime, anywhere entertainment. Aero TV iOS app stands out among its competitors as it has got many things which others lack! There is also an another alternative to this app i.e, Live Wire iOS app to watch live TV.

Aero TV for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch has not been released in its final version yet and even then it is already grossing headlines all over the world.  The beta version that has been released has become very popular in a short span of time due to the features it is offering without anyone having to pay a penny for it. Aero TV is completely free and is available in its beta version for ios only. It has the capability to stream live T.V. for you at no charge at all!

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Aero TV iOS App Download For iPhone/iPad on iOS 10/10.1.1/10.2/10.3:

Aero TV app has included nearly all the premium and free T.V. Channels that are watched world over! The app has neatly placed them in a tiled interface that lets you make a choice among the list of channels without experiencing any glitch. Moreover, it won’t even require you to jailbreak your device and thus saves you the trouble of voiding your APPLE devices’ warranty due to installation of apps from unknown sources. Scroll down to know how to download this app on iOS devices.

  • You can download AERO TV app from Tutu Helper iOS app. This is one of the best applications to download apps that are not available on app store.
  • First you need to install tutu app: Download Tutu Helper
  • After installing tutu helper on your phone, launch the application and go to search bar.
  • Search “Aero Tv” and you will get the exact result of the application. Tap on “Get” to start the installation.
  • After a few minutes, a pop up appears on the screen with “Cancel” & “Install” buttons. Hit on install.
  • The application will be installed in a minute or two. But, you can not use it immediately.
  • You need to verify the developer certificate on your device.
    To do so, Go to Settings >> Profile and Device Management >> Select the correct certificate and verify by trusting it.
  • Now the app is completely ready to use. Tap on it to open and browse through the tiled list to find your favorite channel. The app will live stream the channel you have selected.

AERO TV For iOS will be compatible with all Apple devices having ios 8 and above. Also, there is not any hiccup of completing a signup process at all thus making it a lucrative option to watch LIVE TV on your Apple device. This is the complete information about the latest live tv application. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments below.

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