Download Movie HD for IOS (iPhone/iPad) With Jail Breaking

Are you searching for Movies apps that provides all the Movies, TV shows & TV series for free. Now with the help of Movie HD for IOS (iPhone/iPad) you can stream, watch and download movies and all related videos for free of cost on your IOS (iPhone/iPad) devices. This app is available for all platforms like IOS, Android & PC.

If you a Android user you can Download Movie HD for Android. Movie HD for IOS (iPhone/iPad) actually requires jail breaking. Don’t worry guys Jail breaking is very simple task and If you are really a movie lover Jail breaking for this app worth more. If you don’t want to jail break your IOS (iPhone/iPad) device you can try Cinema Box for IOS and MegaBox HD for IOS as thesy apps doesn’t require any jail breaking. In this tutorial I am going to guide you how to Jail break your IOS device after that I will give you step by step procedure for how to download Movie HD for IOS (iPhone/iPad).

For jail Breaking all you need is iPhone and Windows computer/Laptop. You can get step by step procedure for jail breaking here according your IOS version. There are different procedures for different versions of IOS. You please Choose the procedure according to your IOS version. Don’t forget that jail breaking will leads to disapproval of all warranties on your IOS device.

Download Movie HD for IOS (iPhone/iPad) with jail breaking:

Before going to procedure for this app make sure that you have successfully jail broken your device. After successful jail breaking, You can find Cydia on your home screen. Movie HD for IOS (iPhone/iPad) is not as simple as Movie HD for Android. If you want more ios apps like movie hd read our 10 Free Movie Apps for iOS

  • Open Cydia and at the bottom You can find sources option. Click on sources.
  • Now at the top right corner of screen you can find add sources option. Click on that option, a prompt will be appeared and asking you to enter the source. Type in in box and click on add sources (This particular source will provide Movie HD for IOS (iPhone/iPad) devices).
  • It will take a while to load all the data from source. After downloading of all the data you can see the confirmation message as done:Packages. After that Click on Return to Cydia option.
  • After downloading of source information, go to Source again and You can find DtaThemesPro in your sources list. Click on that DtaThemesPro.
  • Now Screen is appeared with categories of different apps developed by the company. Click on Dta-Apps.
  • There you can find several apps and you please search for Movie HD app under M (All apps are arranged in alphabetical order.)
  • Click on Movie HD icon and screen will be navigated to installation page. Click on confirm option that you can find on top right corner of screen. Installation will take a while.
  • After successful installation you can find this app on icon on your home screen. Click on Movie HD app and Keep stream your favorite stuff.

Movie HD doesn’t host any videos but instead it will give you different links for same video from all sources available. This App also providing High quality and latest content. If you face any problems regarding installation, Feel free to ask at comment section. keep visiting for more entertainment related stuff. Don’t forget to share this article on Movie HD for IOS.

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