Download Netflix VR App | Install Netflix VR on Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad)

When it comes to watching movies and TV Shows, Everybody’s first option will be Netflix. This service is extremely popular for various reasons which you can identify easily. Large database of movies & TV Shows, Quality of service, Netflix originals and facility to watch Netflix on any device you want. This is not enough. Now, you can play all Netflix content on your iOS device using Netflix VR iOS apps. No doubt, these applications are going to set next trend in entertainment world after Pokemon GO.

What is VR & What are the Popular Netflix VR Apps?

VR can be abbreviated as Virtual Reality. VR technology took 20 years to transform into a perfect market application after its invention. This technology allows us to feel like we are actually observing the motion on the screen very closely. There VR apps simply superimpose picture on your screen or any other Netflix movie on your screen so that you can actually feel like you are sitting in a theatre and watching a movie.

Several Netflix VR apps for Android and iPhone are already available in the official app stores. We are going to tell you which one is better in terms of devices and performance. Get ready with your VR Gear and one VR app. You can also use Netflix glasses to stream movies from different free movie websites. Here is the list of those free movie sites.

Netflix VR Apps for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad):

Netflix officially doesn’t have any virtual reality app. As Google cardboard booming VR world we don’t have to think of its alternatives. If you want to use Google Cardboard, you need a PC to set up VR on your Android and iOS devices. There is also another good alternative named Gagagu VR Streamer only for iOS devices.

How to Setup Netflix VR for Android:

If you have Samsung gear, You can easily watch all Netflix shows easily using Oculus. Follow the procedure given below to watch VR Netflix on your Samsung gear.

  • First of all, install Netflix app on your Android device from Google Play store.
  • Now, Launch the Netflix app and log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, you can use free Netflix accounts and passwords.
  • Keep your phone on Oculus.
  • Play the movie. Now you can enjoy Vr Netflix on Android devices.

How to Setup Netflix VR for iPhone/iPad:

Enjoying VR on iPhone or iPad is not as simple as VR on Android device. You need following prerequisites to enjoy VR on your iOS devices.

1)Any iOS device: iPhone

2)VR Streamer iOS app.

3)VR Streamer server (it’s basically a windows software.)

4)Any VR glasses like Google Cardboard, Color Cross etc

5)Open Track Head tracking software (Free Windows software).

6)VR Streamer Open track Plugin for Windows.

Steps to be followed to enjoy Netflix VR on iPhone and iPad:

  • Download the VR streamer iOS app from here.
  • Fetch the VR streamer server Windows software from here.
  • Install it like normal windows software and click on the application icon and open as administrator.
  • Download open track app from here.
  • Install this two application also.
  • Now open VR streamer server on your Windows machine.
  • You will get a window. Click on start server. Select the name of the process. There is a wide range from notepad to video stream.
  • Click on create a new profile and save the profile.
  • Now launch the VR streamer iOS app. Enable receive stream data.
  • Diable all other options.
  • Click on connect to the server.
  • Now your computer screen will appear on your iOS device.
  • Now you can keep your iPhon on VR glasses. If the picture clarity is not clear you can adjust the IDP from 0-600.


This is all about upcoming technology Netflix VR App for iPhone and Android. Android mobiles are very much flexible with Android devices rather than iOS devices. If you have any troubles while installing VR streamer iOS app please comment below. We will sure get back to you with a proper solution.

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