Download Yes Movies App for Android Mobiles and Tablets

If you love to watch movies and TV shows online, you will definitely like Yes Movies Android app. Although there are many such apps for Android, Yes Movies Apk is fast emerging as a popular option for movie lovers. It has a decent collection of content from a variety of genres and you can watch it all for free. You can search for the content by category or simply look up for it though the search box. It is a lightweight application. This is why Yes Movies App does not consume much of Android resources.

Download Yes Movies Apk App on Android Mobiles and Tablets:

Through this article, we intend to help our readers with the installation process of this movie app. Had it been an app available on Google Play Store, you could have simply downloaded it from there. Unfortunately, even some good apps like this never get listed on the official store of Android. That’s hardly a concern for us as we have discovered a workaround for installation. We will install Yes Movies Apk Android app using the APK file.

First of all, make sure your Android device is connected to the internet. It would be great if you are on Wi-Fi; if not, you can use cellular data service. We need the internet connected device to download the APK file. Though there are thousands of best movie apps available for Android devices, This app has very good and easy interface compared to all apps available.

You may have used EXE files on Windows computers to install or run applications. Similarly, Android uses the APK file for the same purposes. Since we cannot get Yes Movies App from Play Store, we will download it from a different source. In our endeavour to make things as easy as possible for you, we have hosted this APK file. Use a web browser on your Android and download this file.

APK file is all you need from outside your Android to install Yes Movies app on your Android devices.

How to Install Yes Movies App on Android:

The next thing you need to do is find the location in which the APK file has been downloaded or saved. Use the Explorer application to browse the file folders on Android and to navigate to the desired location. You should look in the APK folder or Downloads folder. You will find the file in one of these. If you have a PC or tablet, You can also try out some famous movie streaming websites to watch all latest movies for free.

Once you have found the file, open it by tapping on it one time. One of the following two things is likely to happen:

  1. A confirmation-cum-warning message will appear. It will tell you that running the installation from the unknown sources can cause damage to your Android device. It will also ask you whether you wish to go ahead with the installation. Please do not get alarmed as we are using a very safe APK file to download Yes Movies app for Android. Tap the appropriate button to proceed with the installation.
  2. You will get a simple warning message saying that Android cannot install from an unknown source and you must enable Unknown Sources first. In this case, here is what you need to do on your Android device: Go to Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources. Enable this option to allow installation from third-party APK files.

In both the cases you will see another dialogue box asking you to confirm your action. Tap ‘Install’ so that the APK file may install the Yes Movies Android app.

This is the simple method to download Yes Movies for Android. It hardly takes a minute or two. Launch the app to start exploring the collection of movies and TV shows. You will love it! If you have any problems with this app, you can try MegaBox HD Android app.


Yes Movies Apk has made its presence felt among the many entertainment apps already available for Android. This app is light on the CPU and RAM. It is easy to use. This app also has a healthy collection of content in various genres and categories.

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