Hide Apps Automatically After Periods of Inactivity with “Quitter” for Mac

Some applications just won’t stop displaying notifications in OS X – and that can get really annoying, especially when you’re focused on something else and don’t want to be distracted by something irrelevant.

“Quitter” is a downloadable app that gives you the ability to hide or close any application on your Mac after a certain period of inactivity, allowing you to stay focused.

How it works

When launched, it shows up in the OS X menu bar. In order to select the applications that you want to quit or hide, just click on “Edit rules”. A window will pop up and you’ll be able to select whether to hide or terminate the application – and also how long after being inactive you want to execute the action. It is recommended to disable the option “Keep in Dock” for the applications that you want to quit completely.

Quitter also lets you disable all the rules at once by clicking “Disable Quitter” from the drop down menu.

Quitter is not available in the App Store but you can download it for free by clicking here.

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