How to Delete User Accounts From Your Mac

Why would you keep so many different user accounts if you don’t even use them? It’s time to make your lock screen look clean again!

How to delete a user account in Mac OS X
  • First click on the Apple menu and then click “System Preferences”
  • Click “Users & Groups”
  • Click on the lock and then enter your password to make changes
  • Now select the user account you want to delete and then press the minus button to remove it
  • You’ll get three different options before deleting the user account:
    • Delete user account but save the home folder to a disk image
    • Delete user account but keep the user home folder in /Users directory and Delete user account
    • Delete the home folder (optionally, choose to erase home folder securely) – this completely removes the user account and that users files and apps from the Mac.
  • Choose the appropriate one and click on Delete User to delete the user account from Mac OS X

That’s it, now the unnecessary account is gone.

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