How to Install Kodi on Roku Streaming Stick 4,3,2,1

Install Kodi on Roku: Roku is a line of set-top boxes for watching digital media content from the internet on your TV. Roku is available in a range of models, with different features and functionalities. But, the good thing is that all the models of Roku have access to more than 3500 channels Roku Inc. has to offer. If you we will be able put Kodi on Roku stick, the combination will become best ever entertainment combination.

Kodi is a popular open-source digital media player available on a number of platforms, including Android, Windows PC, and jailbroken iOS devices. Unfortunately, Kodi is not compatible with Roku streaming devices. If you wish to install Kodu on Roku box, there is no official way to do it. But, there is an alternate way to play Kodi on Roku. You can also optimise your Kodi software with latest Kodi addons for movies and Kodi addons for Sports.  Let’s take a look!

 How to Install Kodi on Roku Streaming Stick:

Yes, it is true that Kodi is not available on Roku officially. However, this does not mean that you cannot get Kodi on Roku at all. Thankfully, the different technologies are so intertwined that we are always able to find some workaround for almost everything that does not seem doable. So, the good news is that we can skirt around and get the Kodi streaming on Roku as well. You can also use some Movie apps on Roku to watch all latest Hollywood movie for free. Of course, since we are circumventing so it is not as straightforward; nonetheless, it is pretty easy. Here is how you can install exodus on Roku stick.

Suggestions: Free movie sites allow you to watch latest movies on you Roku device for free.

Whether you want Kodi on Roku 4 or for that matter any other Roku streaming device, you will need to use the mirror feature. For that, you must also have an Android phone or a Windows PC. While you cannot install Kodi on Roku streaming stick, you can still play it if you have Android or PC. Roku TV now supports PB online app which is the latest version of Cinema Box app.

To use Kodi on Roku, you will first need to turn your Roku device on and follow these steps:

  •  Press or tap the home button on the device
  • Go to System Update in the Settings menu to check if you have the latest build (you need at least 5.2 software build for this purpose)
  • Come back to the home screen again and go to Settings again. From there, choose Screen Mirroring
  • Choose Enable Screen Monitoring and press the OK button

Mirroring Windows PC to Roku:

You will need Windows 8.1 or higher in order to mirror the screen to Roku. Here are the steps

  •  Press the Windows button or click on Start to open the Start Menu
  • Go to Device Settings or you can search with for it in the search box
  • On the next, the screen that appears, choose ‘Add Device’
  • You can see your Roku device in the list; select it
  • The screen of your Roku device will turn purple.

Your Windows PC is now getting mirrored to the Roku. Since Kodi is compatible with the Windows OS, you can run Kodi on your computer and it will be displayed on your Roku device as well. If you have an iPhone/iPad, you can simply install Kodi on it using Kodi 16 ipa.

How to put Kodi on Roku Stick Without PC/Computer (Mirroring Android to Roku):

Before you get started, you need to ensure that you have the 4.4.2 or later version of Android running on your smartphone. One can check the version of the firmware by going to About section in the Settings menu.

You also need to make sure that in order to use Kodi on Roku, your Roku device and Android smartphone or tablet are both connected to the same network. You can easily check which network the Roku device is connected to:

  •  Open the Setting menu on your Roku device
  • Go to the Networks section to view the network details

To start the mirroring process on your Android device, follow these steps:

  •  Open the Settings menu on your smartphone or tablet
  • Choose the Display option from Settings
  • Tap on Cast Screen/mirroring option.
  • Look for more options on the Cast Screen. Different Android devices may have different layouts for this screen. You need to find the checkbox labelled Enable Wireless Display and check it.
  • You will now be able to see your Roku device in the Cast Screen

So, this is how you can start mirroring the screen of your Android device onto the Roku device. Even when it is not possible to Install Kodi on Roku stick or any other Roku device, you can enjoy it on Roku. This is because Kodi can be played on Android device.

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