How to Sync Screenshots to DropBox Automatically

Some of DropBox’s coolest features aren’t the most obvious. If you frequently upload screenshots to the website, downloading the desktop client can take you from an average user to a Screenshot Uploading Badass. Yes, that’s an official title. Here’s how:

Download the desktop client

The DropBox desktop client is super convenient. You can download it for Mac here. In addition to screenshots, it also allows users to upload and access files offline to sync later.

Press the icon in your desktop toolbar, then go to settings > preferences
Enable screenshot sharing in “Imports”
Command + Shift + 4 your way to instant sharing!

Or Command + Shift + 3, if you’re inclined to share your entire screen.

There you have it—now you can upload screenshots right from your desktop, instead of clicking around the website. (So much work, isn’t it?)

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