Influences On TarDisk

Few would probably dispute that Apple is the standard for design. The company is known for making its products sleek, simple, powerful, and easy to use. It’s therefore no surprise that other technology products aspire to Apple’s high design standard.

But what inspired Apple’s design philosophy?

The man behind it all

Dieter Rams, a German industrial designer, began the trend towards making designers as important to technology products as they are today.

Jonathan Ive, the man responsible for Apple’s design, has credited Rams with a deep influence on his work. Ive has said that Rams’ products are clear and easy to understand; nothing about them is inappropriate to the purpose of the product and a user can easily understand the purpose of all of the product’s parts.

Here are Rams’ top 10 principles of creating a good design:

  • Innovation
    As technology evolves and innovates, so should you.
  • Make the product useful
    While it sounds simple, designers sometimes seem to forget that products are meant to be used. This means that they need to fulfill the needs of the user, but need to do so in a way that does not impede the goals of the user either.
  • Make the product beautiful
    Rams believes that the aesthetic qualities of an object can influence how we interact with them and how we use them in our lives. To Rams, a product that isn’t well-made cannot be beautiful, but well-made products should be beautiful to use.
  • Make the product easy to use
    The product has to be self-explanatory. It should be easy for the user to understand how to use it.
  • Keep the product discrete
    Although aesthetics matter, they should not be the driving force behind the design. Beautiful, but functional.
  • Keep your product honest Your product cannot be better than it is. Don’t overpromise – it’s better to improve than to fail to deliver. You lose customers that way.
  • Make your product live long Fashion is fleeting. You should strive to make sure your product is beautiful no matter what the fashion currently dictates.
  • Foresee all consequences
    The designer has to consider of every aspect of the product – every use, every circumstance, every problem.
  • Be efficient in your designing
    Make sure you can make your product efficiently, cleanly, and sustainably.
  • Keep things simple
    Don’t overcomplicate the process. Your machine should be simple and  your design should be simple – and your thought-process should be uncluttered.

TarDisk thought about it all

We here at TarDisk have taken Rams’ – and Apple’s – design standard to heart: the best performance with the simplest design. This small device not only fits perfectly into your Mac machine – it also abides by Apple’s philosophy, to be sleek and powerful.

Other devices like the TarDisk are bulky and ungainly. They may fit into the Mac itself, but they don’t fit into its image.

TarDisk doesn’t cut corners. Its is cut from a single block of aluminum, adding rigidity, dissipation of heat, and the inconspicious look that allows you to use it without even knowing it’s there.

The result is a TarDisk product that could be an Apple product: efficient, clean, useful, easy to use, and always there for you. 

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