Password-Protect All of your Mac Applications with “Mac App Blocker”

Password-protecting individual applications is getting to be pretty common these days. Nowadays, most mobile applications come with a feature allowing you to set a password.

But can you do the same for computer applications? For Mac users, the answer is yes.

Mac App Blocker

The “Mac App Blocker” application allows you to password-protect each app on your Mac. All you have to do is pick which apps will be protected and Mac App Blocker will keep them secure – it’s that easy.


The app will even record any failed attempts to access a program, including the date, time, and even a picture of the user (or would-be thief) if the camera is enabled. How awesome is that?

You can also set a schedule for each app to allow unblocked usage for specific days and times, which is great for when you want to keep your kids away from the computer but don’t want the passwords when you use your Mac.

And don’t worry: the developers guarantee that Mac App Blocker does not modify any system or application files.

You can download the trial version here, which lasts 15 days. The premium version costs $9.95.

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