Top & Best Kodi Addons For Smart TV in 2016 [*Working]

Kodi addons: Kodi is an open source media player formally known as XMBC that allows us to stream and watch online Movies, TV shows and TV series with out downloading them. XMBC on August 1st 2014 modified many of its feature and released a new version under the name KODI. After some modifications kodi now supports almost all platforms like linux, Windows, Mac, Android & Apple. We can make kodi player more customized with the help of Kodi Addons.

As many of the people now a days busy with their daily life, unable to find the time to watch TV  regularly, Still they are paying money to cable operator for every day. This is the reason why many of the people in these days loosing their cable connections. Here we came with a solution to this problem who wants to watch their favorite shows on specific days without having to pay for extra days. Kodi media player supports smart tv, you will be able to watch whatever you want at the instant on kodi using kodi addons. Kodi offering customized themes, video games, TV shows, TV series and many more for any devices including smart TV.

As Kodi changed its name from XMBC to Kodi, most of XMBC plugins and addons are not working on current Kodi media player. To get rid of this problem, in this article I am proving you the list of best and top Kodi addons. This list of addons will be updated regularly as some of addons comes and goes.

List of Top & Best Kodi Addons for Smart TV:

1) Addon Installer:

Addon installer is formally not available on XMBC plugins but now for it is the best addon to to install all addons and plugins to your smart tv. Its a very simple tool to add all plugins to your TV. The user interface of this addon makes it more popular and very simple. This is one of the best kodi addons as it allows many of plugins to install on your device.

2) 1Channel:

1Channel is highly reliable and best kodi addons for kodi users. It provides latest movies, TV shows & TV series. The content of this Kodi plugin is updated very frequently. This cost is very less as compared to other addons. This addon is blocked in UK as it provides streaming for latest movies. UK users can depend on any of the addons given below to enjoy movies & TV shows.

3) Genesis:

Genesis is another kodi plugin that allows users to stream and watch movies on their smart TVs. Genesis is actually the combination of very popular streaming websites Go TV and Go Movies. There are many sources for Genesis to stream movies and TV shows. Easy user interface and Fast streaming features making Genesis one of the top kodi addons available in the market.

4) Novis:

Novis, a free kodi plugins collects the links for particular from multiple sources. We can watch any movie, TV show or TV series without compromising the quality as you can find same video from multiple sources. All most all the videos are available as it crawls all over internet to get a particular video. This can be best kodi plugins as it serves many purposes.

5) Phoenix:

Phoenix is streaming addon that allows us to stream movies, sports, TV shows and TV series. Pheonix is connected with many multimedia sources, so it made almost all videos available. This plugin offers many features such as search, live TV and many more. Phoenix offers very good user interface that every one can adopt for. All these features making  phoenix as one of the best kodi addons.

6) TV Guide:

TV guide is another very good kodi addons that allows you to watch different TV channels across the world. Though it may be blocked in some counties its still popular because of its vast variety of features and Easy interface. This addon is not free, Its available as the premium plugin. Though its premium, it is very popular. So you can try this out.

7) Trakt:

Trakt is one of the best kodi addons that allows you to stream and watch videos. The fantastic feature of this addon is that it simply stores all movies data that you have watched and suggest the best content based on your taste. You can also sync your TV and Movie library with Trakt data base. This plugin will sort all content according to its genre and there is also a facility to watch them at different resolutions.

8) Velocity:

Velocity is an another addon for kodi not officially available but still work wells with kodi. This plugins also stores data regarding your past watched movies and suggests best movies according to your taste. As this addon connected with multiple video streaming sites, This kodi addons is for those who want latest stuff at high quality. All content is arranged in category wise and more customized search options also available for Velocity plugin.

9) PlayOn Browser:

PlayOn Browser is very also one of the popular kodi addons for those who wants to watch all premium sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc directly on your smart TV. This plugin is connected with more than 60 premium sites so Its offers highly reliable and trusty service. All these features mentioned above made this one of my favorite plugin.

10) IceFilms:

IceFilms is a plugin offering by which contains a huge library of movies, TV shows & TV series. It is the fastest buffering plugin compared to other plugins. All the content is arranged systematically according to different genres. This addon offers us high quality and latest content. The best thing about this plugin is that many of other addons is not offering downloading option. As the library of icefilms growing fast, this would definitely be the one of the best kodi addons in the market.

There are many more addons available in market but above mentioned addons are very popular and rated high. This list will be updated as we found the best one continuously meanwhile you can stick to any one of the kodi addons mentioned above. Keep visiting for more updates. Don’t forget to share this article if you like it.

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