Update Flash on Your Mac

Watch out for pop ups warning you to update Adobe Flash. Instead, follow these simple steps to make sure you have the latest update of Adobe Flash on your Mac.

As Adobe pushes its technology further, the company releases the latest progress through updates to enhance its users’ experience and security. However, it is not uncommon for malicious software to use a popup like “Your flash is outdated. Update now!” to trick you into downloading a false software package. Instead of downloading anything from a popup, use these simple steps to check if you really need to update Adobe Flash.

  1. Press the “Command”key and spacebar at the same time, prompting Apple’s Spotlight app to appear.
  2. enter “Flash player” into the box and choose the system preference result titled “FlashPlayer.prefPane”
  3. Choose the “Updates” tab.
  4. Click the option “Check Now” which will search for the latest updates and let you know if you have it on your Mac or not.
  5. That’s it!

Make sure that unsafe websites do not get the better of you. Follow these simple steps to update your Adobe Flash on your Mac safely.

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