What the 2016 Presidential Nominees Probably Need Extra Storage For ?

A significant part of a political campaign is run behind a computer screen. There’s no doubt that today’s politicians use a lot of disk space for things like speeches, campaign strategies, and family photos. But what exactly would the presidential nominees use with the extra storage provided by, say, a TarDisk? After all, you can find out a lot about someone based on his or her hard drive!

  • A heavy-duty fireWALL! Ha.
  • PDF copy of Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech…Just for reference…
  • The Apprentice in its entirety
  • Three separate folders for family photos (one for each wife)
  • Toupee care instructions
  • Spreadsheets, bank statements—whatever really, really rich people use to remind themselves they’re rich
  • Pictures of Jeb Bush looking like a sad bunny
  • Vintage footage of Bill playing sax
  • File encryption apps
  • Personal info of the super delegates: phone number, address, PayPal
  • Outlines of Bernie’s policies, strategies, and speeches…For reference…
  • Social media analytics program
  • Outfit generator, kind of like what Cher uses in Clueless, but for pantsuits
  • Music library consisting of upbeat, millennial indie-pop

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