Why Are iPhone Users So Loyal?

We live in a divided society: Coke vs Pepsi, Democrats vs Republicans, privileged HBO subscribers who can watch Game of Thrones vs those who are completely out of the loop. The greatest debate among our generation’s collection of contrasts is probably iPhone vs Android. Both phones/operating systems have their benefits, of course, but iPhone users are especially loyal to the brand – despite its flaws. I’ve lost iPhones to water damage, sacrificed my meager savings to fix cracked screens, and contemplated smashing my frozen device with a sledgehammer—but I wouldn’t be caught dead holding an Android.

After questioning my own blind loyalty, I consulted Google and an expert team of 19-year-old girls (via iMessage, of course) to come up with a few of the main reasons that iPhone users are so committed:


Apple is famous for its minimalist branding. Their ads boil down to white backdrops, sans serif text, and the soothing serenade of an indie singer/songwriter. Apple products reflect the company’s branding strategy; the iPhone is incredibly user-friendly, no matter your understanding of iOS. The phone’s easy to use interface appeals to everyone. Plus, once you’ve gotten used to iOS, it’s pretty difficult to switch to a different system.


How can a cell phone be pretty? The iPhone just…is. In terms of the phone itself, the iPhone is more of an accessory than a device, especially with colors like rose gold and a wide range of cases for customization. Its aforementioned interface is as aesthetically pleasing as it is accessible. Using an Android phone after being accustomed to iOS is like switching from a brand name to generic version of your favorite product, or going from a designer bag to a fake knockoff. They’re similar, but something just feels….off.


Apple has somewhat of a monopoly on consumer tech, but it pays off. Users appreciate the iPhone’s seamless integration with Apple’s other products and software. It all started with iTunes—now there’s iCloud, iPads, and the Apple watch (among others). Not only does the iPhone’s “ecosystem” streamline cross-device usage, it allows for a sense of unity among products. In other words, using my iPhone in conjunction with Apple headphones and a MacBook makes me feel like I have my life together…almost.

Pop Culture

iPhones are everywhere: movies, TV shows, lyrical references, the hands of celebrities. Even that Nickelodeon show iCarly featured “Pear phones” and “PearPads”! iOS has helped to shape a new culture of communication, so iPhones are seen as a normal part of our society.

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