{Working} Free Netflix Account | Netflix Free Accounts and Passwords in 2017

Free Netflix Account: Netflix is a very popular movie streaming service company offering their services in many countries. Initially its offering service only in limited countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia etc. After 2014 Netflix is in the process of continuous expansion and now offering services in 130+ countries including India, Russia, Egypt Etc. Netflix inherently offering services on the premium basis only. Many of people searching for Netflix free Accounts and Passwords.

Many of the sites on the internet currently ranking for Netflix free account keyword cheating the people by providing some random or expired usernames and passwords. As Netflix providing very high quality, recently released movies everyone wanted to enjoy movies on Netflix. Netflix costs around 12 dollars a month. It will somewhat big amount for people like students and people living outside of the countries like the USA. To overcome this we here providing simple trick to access Netflix for free of cost. If you want an application to watch channels, install UKTVNow

Netflix is offering free trial period of one month. You need to give your credit card details in order to register for Netflix a free month. It will automatically start deducting from your account after one month. In order to avoid billing after one month, you have to cancel the membership before the month. Many of you might have familiar with Netflix Free account generator. This software is completely spam and doesn’t generate even a single username and passwords that work for you. These type of software are designed for spreading Malware into your system. To avoid all these potential problems, we here came with one effective and working the way of getting Netflix free login and Password 2017. If you want to watch movies and shows on Netflix alternatives, you can install CB Online App now

This is some what black hat trick to access free Netflix account. This is based on Email where we can use some tricky techniques for accessing Netflix free accounts. In order to use this technique you must have one Gmail account. If you don’t have a Gmail create one now. You don’t have to create a multiple accounts and you don’t need different addresses for life time single free Netflix account. You can watch free movies and TV shows with the help of Free movies apps for Android and IOS.

Simple Trick to get Free Netflix Account For lifetime:

To get lifelong Netflix free account, you have to follow some specific procedure. I have been using this Netflix premium accounts trick from last two years. It perfectly working for free. I have mentioned the step by step procedure to get the Netflix premium account for free. Follow these guidelines carefully. There are two steps.

Step 1:

  • Click here to Go to Netflix home page and click on Join for a Month Icon.
Netflix Free account memership
  • It will navigated to next window where you should select any of of the premium plan (select any plan as you are not going to charge even a single penny) and click on continue.
  • In next stage it will ask you for email address and password. Enter them and click on register icon.
Netflix free account emailing details
  • Now in next stage it will ask you for billing details and address enter them correctly (Enter them as they won’t charge for first free month) and click on Start Membership to start Netflix free month.
Netflix free account memebership agreement

Step 2:

If won’t do any thing before one month, it will automatically deduct amount from your credit card. To avoid billing and to enjoy Netflix free account follow below guidelines carefully.

  • Before 30th day of your membership, you go to Netflix Premium account and click on arrow mark appearing at the top right corner of your screen and select you account from drop down menu there.
  • It will be navigated to another window where you can find Cancel Membership option , click on that option and it will navigated to next window.
free Netflix account canecelletion
  • In the next window, you find cancellation terms and conditions along with Complete Cancellation option at the bottom. Click on that option.
Free Netflix Account Cancelleation procedure
  • After the completion of cancellation of membership, You are eligible again create a new free Netflix Account with same billing details.
  • You have register again and repeat the same process as above except entering at gmail address. While entering gmail address add one additional character or symbol to the original gmail that you have intially registered with (For example If your gmail is freeaccount@gmail.com enter free.account@gmail.com or freeaccount1@gmail.com any one your wish)
  • Now repeat the above procedure to create a membership.
  • In this way you can create infinite number of Netflix Free Accounts for life long.

Latest Free Netflix Account in 2017 January (Updated):

If you feel above process as clumsy and lengthy you can directly login to Netflix accounts with the help of free Netflix usernames and Passwords mentioned below. All of the accounts are currently working for me. You can also try these.

Username / Email: stevensmith1985@gmail.com


Username / Email: wilsonwendy@yahoo.com

Password: wendy65@

Username / Email: measondewin8@yahoo.com

Password: 88@melvik

Username / Email: dewinsmith90@yahoo.com

Password: dewins023

Username / Email: levinmartein67@gmail.com

Password: mlevin967

Username / Email: imlucky.me@yahoo.com

Password: myluck891

Username / Email: erinwensy87@aol.com

Password: erin1990

Update on 04/01/2017

I initially have provided genuine usernames and passwords but many people changed them. So, many of users complaining that these Netflix usernames and passwords are not working. Everybody, please try Gmail method. It’s working for me. I have been using this technique from last one year. So, I am requesting everyone to follow the procedure give above carefully to get Netflix free accounts.


If you find any errors while accessing free accounts, you can try free movie websites which are much similar to Netflix. Meanwhile, I will continuously update the passwords.

These are simple ways of getting Netflix Free Account. If you have any problems regarding above procedure and Free Netflix usernames and passwords kindly let me know. All these methods worked for me. If you have any queries fee free to contact at the comment section. Don’t forget to share this article.

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